The Pain of African Entrepreneurs – AfricanPod Ep 10

On AfricanPod today, a peculiar pain known only to those who are running a business. 

My name is Phillip Nyakpo, and our guest on AfricanPod is a Pharmacist and Business Owner who knows the aggravations of being in business. 

He will tell us about his experience trying establish a business in Africa, the incredible challenge he faced and what it takes to prevail.

It is the good news, and the bad news about Africa, here on AfricanPod.

My guest is the Managing Director of Kinapharma Group of Companies, and I interviewed him shortly after he was declared Marketing Man of the year.
And listen to this – that was in the year 2004 – about 12 years ago, and it was subsequently broadcast on Skyy TV in Ghana.
So why is the interview relevant today?
Because not much has changed regarding the unique challenges faced by Entrepreneurs like him who employ hundreds of people.
They are often frustrated by hostile business environment, a banking system that mostly fleece hardworking people as well as mindless government regulations and sheer lack of support.
Then there is the pervasive drunken and blinding politics that undermines business.
The interview has references to currency valuations, as well as situational facts that reflects the realities on the ground a decade ago. These of course should be taken in the appropriate context.
At the time of the interview, Kofi Nsiah-Poku had been running his group of companies for 15 years. I started by asking him to reflect on his journey as an Entrepreneur:
The more things change, the more often they remain the same. In may cases, they become worse than before. But then there are a few, who in spite of it all still make a difference. My guest, the Managing Director of Kinapharma Group of Companies, Kofi Nsiah-Poku, made a difference.

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My name is Phillip Nyakpo, and thanks for listening.