Novelist TM Clark Writes for Africa and the World – AfricanPod Ep 11

This edition of AfricanPod is a fascinating conversation with a free-spirited Novelist who writes with authentic African themes. 

My name is Phillip Nyakpo your host, and we are about to meet T. M. Clark the Novelist, born in Zimbabwe with the experience of living in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Tears of the Cheetah – a novel with an African theme by T. M. Clark

Now she lives in Australia from where she writes with African themes, straight from the heart.

It is not often that you meet a Writer who writes a novel with a mixture of modern life and deep rooted stories from Africa, told with an uncommon passion.

Tina Marie Clark, or T. M. Clark is that Novelist with a unique experience, perspective and passion which she draws on to write.

Her latest book, Tears of The Cheetah released in late 2015 is described by one reviewer as is “a thriller and the story of a fierce fight to save Africa’s threatened wildlife,” a suspenseful journey into the dark world of African game poaching.

From her home in the Australian State of Queensland, T. M. Clark spoke to AfricanPod about her life, what she has learned living on three continents as well as what she lives for. First, she told me about her early memories of Africa, a continent she still calls home.

TMClark Hi Res DARK
T.M. Clark – Novelist

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