How To Feed Ghana and Africa – the Justice Baidoo Way – AfricanPod Episode 5

On the AfricanPod today, a young man from Africa decides to stop talking and rather act and show how and why it is possible to feed Ghana and Africa with simple modern methods of Farming. 

My name is Phillip Nyakpo, and AfricanPod is about the good news and the bad news about Africa.

One of the enduring images of Africa around the world are those of malnourished, hungry and helpless children. Those images evoke a lot of passionate discussion, but not a lot of action

Of course, the images of hungry children from Africa do not exactly represent the overwhelming majority of children in Africa – but Africa does have a challenge in feeding itself.

So having heard all the endless talk about what needs to be done, Justice Baidoo, from Ghana decided to take action and set an example.

He built an artefact.

Justice Baidoo’s artefact is a multipurpose Farm in Ghana’s Western Region, and he calls it Bluefields Farms.

Before building Bluefields Farms, Justice spent some years in Journalism and later travelled to the United Kingdom to study advanced Journalism. He returned with a passion to use modern farming as a tool to uplift his community.

Justice Baidoo is the guest on this episode of AfricanPod, and he describes his mission to teach by example that it is possible for Ghanaians and Africans to feed themselves.

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