Adinkra Symbols – Medical Doctor Reveals their hidden Meaning – AfricanPo Ep. 7

Dr Charles Korankye, MD

In this episode of AfricanPod, we take a look at one of the most powerful elements of communication known to the human race. My guest is a US-based African Doctor, and he has written a book about it.

All over the world and across every culture, symbols represent a powerful element in communication.

In the West African nation, Ghana, the Ashantis, (also called the Akans) developed a set of unique symbols called Adinkra, and as can be expected, they retain deep cultural meanings that words alone cannot convey.

From the United States, a Medical Doctor, who is originally from Ghana has just published a book about the Adinkra Symbols, explaining their hidden meaning at different levels.

More than just explaining the hidden meaning, Dr Charles Korankye has created a new Alphabet system, using only the Adinkra Symbols.

It is all so intriguing – so on the line to the US State of Wisconsin, I asked Dr Charles Korankye to tell me more about his new book, why he wrote it and the potential benefits.

From the “Book Adinkra Alphabet – the Adinkra Symbols As Alphabets and their Hidden Meanings”

Doctor Charles Korankye’s new book about the hidden meaning of Adinkra Symbols from West Africa is fascinating, and more than that, he has invented a unique Alphabet system, using only the Adinkra symbols.

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