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AfricanPod Episode 1 – a Fresh Podcast for Africa and the World

Thank you for listening to this first episode of AfricanPod, and I am recording this on a beautiful day in Spring, and in a beautiful city called Perth in Western Australia.

Against the background that we live in  a world thoroughly saturated by useless information, much of what you can expect on this podcast will be different. And this AfricanPod is for Africa and the World.

So what is the AfricanPod?Logo.cdr 2

It is a refined, relaxing, informative but also reasonably critical commentary on our world – the highs and lows, the hopes, dreams and some disappointments.

In Spite of all the terror, misinformation and depressing news, this is still the most exciting time to be alive in all human history.

So, who am I?

It is a good idea to introduce myself to you because when I watch TV and listen to Radio and see all these strange people telling me something, I tend to ask – “who are you? and why are you telling me this?”

So here I am:

My name is Phillip Nyakpo, born in the West African country of Ghana and now live mostly in Australia where I hop and skip with Kangaroos.

I have an extraordinarily beautiful wife – and needless to say, our two children, a boy and a girl choose to look like their mother and inherited a large measure of my own mischief.

I spent about a decade in Journalism as a Reporter, News Editor and  Talk show host. I practiced Journalism at a high level long before the days of Facebook and Whatsapp and Twitter.

I had a stint with the BBC World Service for Africa between 2004 and 2005. The first time my voice went global was sometime in 1998 when I reported for the BBC’s Network Africa – Ben Dotsei Malor, now at the United Nations was still hosting the popular BBC program.

The subject was the historic Congress of Ghana’s New Patriotic Party which elected John Kufour as leader, and Kufour went on to win two successive general elections and served as Ghana’s president for eight years.

The context of that reportage was illuminating it was back-grounded in the larger-than life character known as Jerry John Rawlings. Rawling’s almost two decades as Ghana’s Head of State was coming to and end, and the constitution barred him from standing again as President. The over-ridding question then was “will he hand over or not – and if did, to whom will he hand over?”

It is all history now, as Rawlings peacefully handed over power – a rather rare occurrence in African politics even today.

When I practiced Journalism at the level, what we know today as the Internet was not exactly in its infancy, but it was crude. We mostly relied on the painfully slow dial-up connection, and even then it cost a fortune. Keep in mind, this was before Google and Facebook, the two leviathans of today’s Internet.

So that is to say we had Internet only in theory – and journalism was different in terms of speed, access and reach.

I have fond memories of those days of encounter. I hope that I won’t fit the description of a Dinasour, and whereas I was fairly quick in taking up technology in the context of Journalist, the speed of change slowly exceed my ability to learn and adapt.

So after many years, I am now catching up with Podcasting on the AfricaPod – a totally new platform for bringing sanity into everything that is news, current affairs and analysis for the discerning mind. There will be contributions by others who will shed light on world affairs, often from an African perspective, and quality information will include politics, economics, Finance, Health and Environment – and yes, Sports.

To paraphrase George Martin in A Dance with Dragons, “anyone who listens to the AfricanPod  will live a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never listens lives only one. 

So come along and enjoy the journey. Subscribe to the AfricanPod – and one sure thing is promised: you won’t live just one boring life by yourself.

On the next AfricanPod, you will hear about a Rogue Ambassador who speaks for Ghana and Africa – imagine that!